Vincent Browne, My Blog and Harry Cragoe

As I sit here on the couch with my laptop, with the telly and Vincent Browne competing for my attention, I struggle to agree with myself what my weekly blog should be composed of.  I finally decide to take a lead from Vincent whom I don’t quite fanatically follow but do watch on a regular basis, sometimes nightly (my wife would say that is fanatical). If you went into a TV board room and suggested on the back of your innovative thinking that a contrary old narky so and so with that mad scientist look who insults 90% of his guests should be their main anchorman you might probably end up on your rear end on the promenade outside the front door. All the research in the world would never have come up with Vincent or anything like him as the main draw for a TV channel. However he is great entertainment, has a massive following and is TV3′s main personality. Sometimes you just got to go with your gut even if that means ignoring all the research. Which brings me to a quote from Harry Cragoe the founder of P&J Smoothie the first entrant and leading smoothie company in the UK before Innocent entered and took over the market . He stated that he “never spent a penny on market research because you end up looking at it too religiously. The growth we have experienced is purely word of mouth”(Paul Trot, Innovation Management and New Product Development, 4th Edition 2008). 


3 thoughts on “Vincent Browne, My Blog and Harry Cragoe”

  1. George,

    I find Vincent quite fascinating also…although not to the extent that I watch him on a very regular basis, one thing I like is when he doggedly keeps asking the question that the interviewee (not just the politicians) just do not want to give a straight answer to……he just keeps repeating his question, then sighs… apparent frustration.

    I suppose that’s why he is one of TV3’s main assets…..he would make a great member of the PAC!

    I have no doubt though that TV3 carried out extensive market research before launching this style of presenter on the viewing public…after all we were familiar with his (no holds barred) previous work as editor of Magill, and his writings in various newspapers, and from memory he was even on RTÉ….

    Keep on sitting “on the couch with my laptop, with the telly and Vincent Browne competing for my attention” you could do far worse. After all we don’t (and probably won’t) understand the reasons for everything.

    The following quote has been attributed to Neil Armstrong “In much of society, research means to investigate something you do not know or understand.” The question is do you understand fully even after the research is done…

    Déaglán de P

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  2. Gosh lads I can’t say VB is my favourite presenter – though I am much entertained by Mario Rosenstock’s version of him, the big cough barked out from under those ever-growing eyebrows:)

    Sometimes his insistent questioning works – but at other times I think it prevents good speakers/thinkers from sharing their wisdom.

    Yes I remember him on RTE and of course the Sunday Tribune – so I must have followed him at some point…but I got out of the habit.

    As Beckett says “Habit is a Great Deadener” 🙂



  3. Vincent Brown seems to be the Marmite of TV presenters, you either love him or hate him! In my opinion its a poor representation of Irish television presenters that a man like him gets such a high profile slot on television. Don’t get me wrong, the man has an encyclopedic knowledge of facts and figures, especially when it comes to historical politics, however the man is stubborn, arrogant and comes across as unprofessional when trying to debate with some of his guests. The “haranguing” incident with Joan Burton springs to mind and sometimes has trouble articulating even the most simple sentences. But maybe I’m wrong, he stills seems to be popular, not least with my father who never misses his show, to my wonderment and frustration when fighting for control of the remote!!! Kieran


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