Avoca Experience

Our team visited the Avoca store to get a feel for the type of products on sale and for the “experience”. The Rathcoole store, on the edge of the N7 has a very large footfall, in particular, to its Cafe, from the early morning coffee takeout, coffee morning meeting or large lunch time contingent. Although the temperature of the coffee is far too tepid for me! The size of the slices of cream-filled roulades, heart-stopping cheesecake to the home baked cookies are a sight to behold.
I met with the pasty and cake chef replenishing the products and could not resist asking about the large portions and if there was a lot of waste in this area, it appears not.
I could not help but notice that the pricing of products was a tad vague (a bugbear of mine on the lines of “how can I make a fully informed choice, if I am not privy to the full information at the point of purchase”) again, when I asked about that, I got a “I know, I have mentioned that too but thems is not listening, shucks” (SIC) response.
The paint colours on the wall, reminiscent of an Anita Schreve book based in a coastal town in the Hamptons, USA, the elaborate light decoration made from cups and saucers of various size and design, reminiscent of a visit from the relatives and the cup of the in the good china, sometimes of varying designs, indeed a similar evocation as that offered when viewing the reasonably new business of prettyplates.ie (http://prettyplates.ie/)
In the food emporium, with well stacked shelves of fresh, organic or carefully chosen products, I met with a supplier of Apple sauces (Julie Calder-Potts of Highbank Orchards, Kilkenny) and she mentioned that they had ad forum (Bia Beag) for artisans to meet and hear stories from other artisans (one is actually on tomorrow Sat 5th April at 6pm in their Orchard (http://biabeag.com/). They meet on a quarterly basis to promote other artisans foods. An idea forms….[1]

[1] Bootcamp Bootleg 2011. [Online]. Available from: http://dschool.stanford.edu/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/BootcampBootleg2010v2SLIM.pdf [Accessed 6 April 2014].


2 thoughts on “Avoca Experience”

  1. ah yes an idea forms….the artisan consultancy no doubt. And a fine idea it is but one that needs to be more deeply defined and decribed in far greater detail and then researched in far greater detail before it can even be discussed as a realistic option. While the research findings are from a tiny sample and the same sample is nowhere near the level of accuracy we would aspire to in a more commercial setting its no surprise that cost came up as the sole potentially negative factor to the potential progress of such a project. that said I am too familiar with cost being an obstacle over the years in my sales manager life. I always dealt with this dilemma by asking the client if price was not a factor would they proceed with the sale. The answer of course would be a resounding yes. However I ultimately found that this ploy can run out of gas too. At the tail end of my print media career I could not give an ad away for free on many occasions. And when that starts happening you know you dont have an all signing all dancing product anymore. So from the Avoca research and I guess a more thorough research campaign I would expect an encouraging response to the idea of the consultancy….


  2. Dare I say it, I love Avoca! My only bug bear is that I rarely get there and when I do never have quite enough cash to indulge myself with all things nice and pretty.
    I go to the household section and can’t but think I really do need a new tea pot cover – but I have to this day managed to talk myself down from this 50Euro purchase. I will continue my pre-amble to the clothes section, perusing at all the brightly coloured new season stock, telling myself as I walk that I must come back when the sales begin. This leads me on to the jewellery section, and here I do frequently find a little gem or two that I may purchase to brighten up my wardrobe without the feeling that I am going to break the bank. I head then for the coffee and a scone, with an unseemingly large splash of cream – yes, I am one of those guilty customers who consumes the whole scone, a la cream & jam – indulgent, but I convince myself I deserve it.

    Energy levels restored I head to the practical side of the house, the butcher, where I will most definitely purchase dinner for the next day or two – great meat.

    Kilmacanogue is the closest Avoca shop to me, I am always amazed at how busy Avoca is, no matter what time of the day you go there. I think they have tapped into a segment of the market that has continued to spend right through the recession – not too sure who they are, but they seem to exist. If they can replicate the success online that they have in-store, they are on a winner for sure!

    Great blog

    Clare (http://wpgolfclub.wordpress.com)


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