Jogging and Blogging

With all this DCU Ryan Academy stuff including lectures, projects, exams and the pressure to embrace all social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Blogging et al wrecking my poor little head I decided to escape to the great outdoors and head up to Ardgillan Castle and demesne with Messi. No not the footballer and the greatest since Diego Maradona but my dog, a collie/retriever/Labrador or whatever but definitely one hell of a mongrel.  Like his master Messi loves the open plains and the peace and tranquillity of the countryside. Messi does not have a Facebook account, does not tweet, blog or bother himself with emerging social media trends. So off we jogged around the parameter of Ardgillan, one of the finest public amenities and open spaces in Ireland.  As we ran through the open fields, the woods, up and down the hills sneaking the odd view of the vast open sea through the trees I was truly relaxed, away from it all, free as a bird. No social media invasion or blogging requirements out here! But then, suddenly, half way around my run I found my mind wandering back to the blogging business. Don’t fret fellow bloggers! A stroll, cycle or jog through the countryside is a great way to de-stress, allowing the mind to refocus and often to come up with a solution to a problem, however personal, corporate or academic in the calmest and maybe even strangest way. Folks, I was Jogging and Blogging!! Okay I was not hooked and typing away to my iPad or tablet as I proceeded up the steep hill towards the castle but in my mind I was typing. Hey, maybe blogging and George are compatible after all! After almost four months of enlightenment  and direction from the very talented lecturers Ger Lavin, Frank Munnelly and last but not least Niamh O’Reilly I think mission one has been accomplished in that I have improved my knowledge and possibly even embraced digital and social media. Secondly I have renewed my marketing knowledge and skills, acquainted myself with New Product Development thinking and become vastly more informed of business innovation concepts and techniques. Let me enlighten you if I may with some social media facts! At 52% Facebook is the most popular social media network in Ireland followed by YouTube (35%) and twitter (23%). 70% of Irish businesses use Facebook, 61% use twitter and LinkedIn while 44% use YouTube. Tired yet?! 51% of Irish consumers talk about brands on social media. Why? 74% for offers and promotions, 44% for seeking advice, 19% for group buying, 15% to post praise and also 15% for complaining. Still interested? In terms of demographics the 25-34 age group are the biggest users of Facebook at 29% followed by the 18-24 group at 23%. No surprises there! Of mobile users at 85% the 13-17 age group are the heaviest users followed by the 18-24 group (81%). How do Irish people use Facebook? 70% use it daily and have an average of 268 friends.  Shall I keep going?…No!…Okay I will keep going….Only Joking! Until next week my fellow bloggers ….happy Blogging ….Oh and Jogging #mg119


2 thoughts on “Jogging and Blogging”

  1. George, Much to admire in your blog….the stats of course are illuminating, but also the revelation that men can indeed multi task (jog and blog at the same time). On a completely different note we have quite a coincidence with our dogs. Mine is a lab/collie but with a basset hound also thrown in…and he is quite messy!

    Regards John D


  2. George,
    Great to get out of the classroom, house or wherever – public amenities and open spaces are indeed a great resource, we have one here in Newbridge also – just by the Liffey, and it’s a great place to nip out to for an hour or so when the stress levels rise….but as we found out yesterday a little deep breathing at home can (apparently) do that also!
    Interesting facts regarding social media…the figures for FB are a bit of a surprise when you consider the number of businesses using it….now that many of us are becoming accustomed to Twitter I can understand its attraction…140 characters – keep it brief and to the point. Notice there are no data for the “over 34’s”…we must have seriously increased that figure as a group in the last few weeks, as a result of Naoimh’s instructions…..

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