What, SWOT and Fancy Pots

What, SWOT and Fancy Pots
The sectoral analysis of Avoca was conducted using the tools of SWOT, PESTLE and Porters 5 Forces.

Avoca’s strengths include being a market segment leader with strong brand awareness, offering a good product mix through a superior customer experience from strategically strong retail locations resulting in strong sales performance through positive familial synergy.
Its weaknesses lie in its limited target market, with potential threat to their own margins by adding non-Avoca product lines and its ability to keep its image and brand clear and consistent within the family dynamic.
It has several opportunities it could consider to extend the brand and product and service offerings including artisan food partnerships, franchise opportunities, expansion into the events and leisure area, fine dining, catalogue to extend the customer experience or domestic and international expansion.
Threats to Avoca include competition domestically and internationally and the limited nature of its target market and possible limitations to expansions from its high end niche.
PESTLE and 5 Forces to follow.


2 thoughts on “What, SWOT and Fancy Pots”

  1. another threat I would add in there is of course the state of the domestic economy and the still sluggish retail market which has had the confidence kicked out of it for the last few years.


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