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So here’s a quick first post to tell you all a little about the Marketing REDS authors; who we are, why we started this blog, what topics we’ll be focusing on, and how you can all get involved in and be part of the conversation. We hope you like what we’ve done with the place!

Who We Are

The 4 authors of Marketing REDS are participants from Group D on the Ryan Academy Business Innovation ProgrammeThe Ryan Academy is affiliated with DCU, Dublin City University, Ireland.

Blog authors include Denise Boden, Shay Clarke, Evelyn Mennaghan and Ronan Quinn. Our career backgrounds vary from IT Engineering, Medical Services, Sales and Marketing, and Company Secretary roles. Our  Ryan Academy innovation story has just begun, so join in the conversation, share content or even just watch the story unfold and track our progress in mastering how to bake innovation into a business.

Why We’re Blogging

We want to share our thoughts and experiences about Marketing and Innovation, our educational journey through the Business Innovation Programme at the Ryan Academy, and document our business case study of Avoca Handweavers.

What We’ll Blog On

Subscribers and followers will be getting access to our key insights and ‘take aways’ from talks, lectures, workshops and marquee events presented by some of the best academics, speakers and thought leaders in the areas of business, marketing and innovation.

The tools and tips imparted by speakers will be here on tap for you.

Our bite-sized nuggets of useful key info will be delivered to you in the form of posts, tweets and any other way that keeps our blog fun, interesting, clear and simple to follow.

How You Can Join In

Finally, we’re super excited to get started, and what better way than hearing from our brand new followers on what you want to see more of on MarketingREDS. Fill out the contact form, and send us your twitter handle, we’d love to connect!

Oh and don’t forget to share the love by pressing the share buttons!


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